what hurts the most?


WHO CARES? is, very simply, a way for lots of churches to come together and share the gospel of Jesus Christ with thousands of people.

It all starts with asking one big question: 'What hurts the most?'


The mission began with one church in 2011, then in 2014 spread to 50 churches across a county, and now we invite churches all over the UK to come together and tell our nation that Jesus cares. 

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support for Who cares?

“HOPE is thrilled that the WHO CARES? resource will provide churches with a tool to enable them to impact their community. Coming out of caring and loving relationships, this provides a great opportunity to communicate the Gospel. It is one of many that HOPE would recommend and we’re thrilled to be partnering with this.”
— Roy Crowne, Executive Director of HOPE
“Often when we think about sharing our faith we are most concerned about what we should say. WHO CARES? offers a different approach… to listen and to show our care. As we do this, we may find more opportunities to share about The One who cares more than we can imagine.”
— Mark Fairweather-Tall, Norwich Central Baptist Church
“‘WHO CARES?’ is often said by those who have grown cynical about our society. This mission initiative is a very simple means of enabling churches to make fresh contact with the communities of which they’re part and to show that they care for everyone because God cares for them. It’s a practical initiative, achievable and worthwhile, and which I hope will bring people who’ve never known of Jesus Christ’s care for them to hear his name and discover his love.”
— The Rt Rev Graham James, Bishop of Norwich
“The bible says that ‘if a person answers before listening – it is to their folly and shame’ (Proverbs 18:13). Which is something we as Christians may be guilty of. This is why the WHO CARES? initiative is so good, because it is about listening first; understanding before seeking to be understood. It is an easy, accessible way churches can engage with, and listen to, the communities they are in before opening their mouths to give any kind of answers to the problems people are facing.”
— Toby Skipper, King's Community Church
“WHO CARES? is a flexible tool to help churches express the compassion of God to people in our local communities. Its genius is that it works based on who we are as the local church and how we are already serving locally at whatever scale.”
— Jon Beardon, Wellspring Family Church
“This is a no gimmicky approach to those who do not feel connected with the church or who feel it is irrelevant. It will enable a conversation on issues we all have to face, and be an opportunity for people to discover a God who really does care.”
— Rev Robert Parsonage, All Saints Church