Results and key findings from Hampshire

The Who Cares? survey was run during x in and around the Basingstoke area of Hampshire, with x no* churches participating. A total of 11,798 responses were collated and analysed.

There were three key categories that featured most, these were Negative Emotions accounting for 19.77% of the findings Family (18.26%) and Relationships (16.89%). In the case of those aged under 18, Relationships accounted for the greatest number of hurts (31.46%). Those aged 18-34 and 35-65, noted that Negative emotions and family were the biggest hurts. This finding is consistent with the overall data.

The data was also analysed by gender, although not everyone selected to identify thier gender in the survey, but where it was, Family (20.03%) accounted for the greatest hurst for females where as 22.47% of males identified negative emotions as their key hurt