Colchester in the hot seat!

Hugh Pearce,  Pastor of Redeemer Church Colchester  explains just why the Colchester area are preparing to run with Who Cares? in 2019

"We're a relatively young church plant, only three and half years old and a large proportion of our church attendees are students.  It’s great to have all that enthusiasm and energy but the flip side is that the a large proportion of the congregation is quite transient and so it's quite hard to sustain certain initiatives.  Yet we really have a heart to want to serve and engage with our local community.  Who Cares? provides us with an excellent opportunity to do precisely this and engage in social needs as well as evangelism in an easy fashion. 

I first heard about Who Cares?  a few years ago via New Day and then I happened to meet Rob Tervet who told me more about how it works in practice.  What we love about this model is that as churches and organisation come together, we benefit from the wider profile the campaign brings, but we still have a very local face.  

In November 2018 we held an initial vision event to gage the level of interest from other churches and organisations in the Colchester area and based on that, we're planning to hold a vision night in March this year to a much wider audience.  Here we'll be asking for commitment to participate.  We're excited that the Bishop of Colchester and the Baptist Super-Intendant have confirmed their participation. 

We're eager to get underway !