Robert & Sylvia's Story


Robert and Sylvia were separated...

They were nominal Christians who had fallen away from church. Sylvia had a friend who asked her the WHO CARES? question, she wrote ‘when trust breaks down in a relationship’. 

Sylvia had said that the relationship was over, there was no way they were ever getting back together. They were invited as a couple to a WHO CARES? Alpha event. Rob signed up to do the course, and half way through Alpha he walked in one week and said – "I’ve met Jesus, Jesus has come into my life". Sylvia noticed the change in him and they came together to the sermon series we did, which we called
‘Who cares about relationships?’. 

At the end of the final session of the series they came to the front hand in hand and said they wanted to make their marriage work. We prayed, they cried, and we got them help with their marriage. They are now back together. Sylvia didn’t think Rob could change, but then he met Jesus and he did. They are now part of the life of Christ Community Church.