the Who cares? story


In 2011 a small rural Norfolk church (Christ Community Church) ran a one question survey of their community – asking simply ‘What hurts the most?’ In a short space of time over 400 people responded and the church ran a sermon series based on the most common responses. Their church leader was invited twice to speak on BBC Radio Norfolk about the survey and local newspapers also ran the story. One couple (who have now joined the church) described what happened when they received a flyer inviting them to the talks;

“As soon as I saw you were doing a talk about the pain of family life, I knew we had to come.”

The six talks were then turned into a short evangelistic book, There is Hope, which was given away to local people. Currently over 900 copies of this book have either been sold to other churches or given away and it was commended by the town Mayor and the local MP.

It wasn’t revival. It didn’t change everything. But… it was good and the experience provoked the church to consider; "Is there a way we could do this on a larger scale, working with other local churches?"

In 2014 over 50 churches from across Norfolk came together to do just that. The response was remarkable and they received over 20,000 answers to the WHO CARES? question. They ran over 100 events and projects sharing the hope of the Gospel and came together for a massive Alpha supper with Nicky Gumbel and Darrel Tunningley at the Norfolk Showground. 1,400 people came to that event which was the largest of its kind in the UK. 

Wonderfully many people were added to local churches as a result of the mission. Now churches across the UK are looking at running their own WHO CARES? mission. Yours could be one of them.