Our Team

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Phil Gray

In 2012 I recall meeting with Rob Tervet and discussing an audacious idea of using the Newday Christian Festival (of which I was leading) as the centre piece for a large-scale evangelistic mission in Norfolk. At the time I was excited as I saw the potential of putting into practice all the principles that Newday taught the thousands of young people it brought together at the week-long event and serving the wider church in Norfolk. Spring forward two years and we found ourselves managing the logistics of utilising over 3,000 young people to gather the information which would see over 60 churches reaching out to their communities and see transformation in people’s lives. Following this I had the privilege of running the largest Alpha launch the UK has ever seen with over 1,500 people attending the opening meal and hearing Nicky Gumble explain the gospel.

I now work for a global NGO based in Norwich which allows me to continue to serve the Who Cares? Mission to see people’s lives transformed across the UK.

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John Creber

After 30  years in the Library  Service, which culminated in project managing the development of the library in The Forum in Norwich, retirement offered me the opportunity to take on the management of several projects with Hope Community Church in Wymondham. One of these was the Wymondham response to the challenge of the Who Cares? Mission. I was privileged to lead a fantastic team which, with the help of New Day young people, managed to secure over 1700 responses to the What Hurts Most? question. I was struck by the simplicity of this approach to evangelism and the way in which it galvanised the church into action and brought the churches in the town together. There were many heart warming and heart wrenching stories which emerged and which were addressed by a series of dedicated services which challenged those who had expressed the Hurts as well as the church members.  When the opportunity came to join the board of Trustees for Who Cares? Mission I embraced the challenge of participating in the roll out of the Mission to other parts of the country. It is an exiting venture which is challenging and expanding  my faith and it is great to see Jesus at work in this expansion of His Kingdom.

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Julian Bryant

After working with people who are homeless and people who were dependent on drugs for over 20 years I found myself as a CEO of a growing substance misuse project. I felt challenged by God to get more involved with people personally so I left that organisation and started to meet people in my community who needed help and often also needed God. I also became involved with overseas development work, coaching and supporting Christian charities. When Who Cares? came along I found a wonderful way for the church to hear the needs of people in a community whilst also being able to respond in a thoughtful, loving and direct way with the love of Jesus. It’s about the whole Gospel. As a Trustee, I love being part of a great team and seeing people’s lives changed - thanks to God.